Best Grub Control Products & Prevention

Best Grub Control Products & Prevention

Milky Spore Organic Grub Control Product

Grub control and prevention is critical to a quality lawn care program. Part of that program is choosing the right product for grub control. More important than the right product is the time of year each grub product is applied. The chemicals and active ingredients of different products have different effects and residual implications.  A … Read more

Quinclorac vs. Tenacity – What’s the difference?

Quinclorac vs Tenacity

While identifying grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds can be a challenge in itself, so can be selecting the right herbicide for the job. There’s a slew of different products and chemicals on the market today that can become a bit confusing. In this post, we’ll quickly discuss the difference between Drive XLR8 (Quinclorac) vs. Tenacity … Read more

Best Insecticides For Lawns


There is nothing worse than working hard to care for your lawn to make it lush and green all year long, only to have it destroyed by an infestation of insects. The best way to handle these annoying and pesky intruders and protect lawns is with an insecticide. These insects may include ants, more crickets, … Read more

How Long Before Tenacity is Rainproof

Tenacity Herbicide

Tenacity Herbicide is a unique herbicide. Not only can it kill over 40 weeds, including crabgrass and creeping bentgrass, but it also acts as a pre-emergent. In fact, the active ingredient in Tenacity – Mesotrione – is the only herbicide that can be safely applied at the time of seeding and overseeding your lawn to … Read more

Best Fertilizer Spreaders for Lawns [2021 Reviews]


When you own a home or business, you need to care for your lawn by seeding, feeding, and treating it. While you can spread the granular fertilizer by hand, using a broadcast fertilizer spreader helps to make the job easier and faster. Using the lawn spreader helps cover the ground more consistently, and you do … Read more

How Much Grass Seed Do I Need?

grass seed germinating

Whether you’re starting a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn, you’ll need to know how much seed to buy and use. The seeding rates will vary depending on several factors such as grass varieties, cool-season and warm-season lawns, and the total square footage of your lawn. We’ll figure out how many pounds of seed … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Ironite & Milorganite?


We all strive every year to get our lawns green – a deeper dark green lawn. With so many products and brands out there in the lawn care market, it can get confusing. One question is around Ironite vs. Milorganite, and what’s the difference between these two products? That’s what we’re going to answer and … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard

Townsend's Mole

Many lawn pests can be found on the surface of your yard. Unfortunately, pests like moles create tunnels that allow them to live underground without being spotted. This makes them an incredibly frustrating animal to remove, as well as a dangerous creature capable of causing extensive damage to your yard. In this article, we’re going … Read more

Straw Grass Seed Covering

Watering Grass Seed covered with straw

Newly seeded lawn? Then you already know that in addition to that thorough initial watering, the next most important thing is ensuring that you keep the seed in place until it’s able to germinate and develop its own root system in your yard. Of course, proper seed spread, moisture, and sunlight are crucial to germination … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Bugs

Silverfish (Ctenolepisma lineata)

Silverfish bugs are some of the most unsettling creepy crawlies to find in your home. Although these pests aren’t known for their aggressive behaviors, ability to spread disease, or painful bites, they can still cause problems for home and business owners. This article will explore some ways to identify silverfish near your home, as well … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles

japanese beetle

Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) are a species of invasive insect native to Eastern Japan. These pests were accidentally introduced to a nursery in Riverton, New Jersey in 1916. Within a matter of decades, the beetle population exploded throughout the United States, now home to millions of hungry beetles. Japanese beetle populations continue to grow more … Read more